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The Law Office of Robert B. Gould

  For 51 years the Law Office of Robert B. Gould tried claims primarily by individuals and businesses against professionals such as lawyers and accountants. He concentrated his practice particularly on representing plaintiffs in legal malpractice claims against lawyers. Bob Gould retired from practice on January 1, 2020.  
  He has turned over his existing cases to Robert J. Wayne, a trial lawyer with 45 years of experience. In doing so, Bob Gould wrote: "I have the highest respect and confidence in Robert Wayne. He has demonstrated outstanding legal knowledge and is one of the finest trial lawyers I have seen in court. I personally have recommended him for inclusion in 'The Best Lawyers', and other rating services."  
  In addition to his practice, Robert Wayne has also taught trial and deposition skills to both law students and practicing lawyers for over 40 years. He has the highest rating from Martindale-Hubbell, preeminent a.v., and has a 10.0 rating on AVVO. He has been listed as a Super Lawyer numerous times, and is a member of the Association of Professional Responsibility Lawyers. He is a former Officer and Trustee of the King County Bar Association.  
  More information on legal malpractice and breaches of professional ethics can be found by clicking here. Our goal is to inform you about claims for professional misconduct and help you to determine whether you may have a claim with which we could assist. You will find that legal malpractice cases, while having similarities to other claims for wrongdoing, has its own particular rules that can stand in the way of those who have not regularly handled such claims.  
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